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The Shop ProductionsThe art of perfecting the audio production for an outdoor arena at the Unesco Site of Dalt Vila in Ibiza for the annual International Music Summit is a project that The Shop Productions looks forward to undertaking. The quest for the perfect solution is ongoing and something we take very seriously.

The magnificent stage at our annual International Music Summit

IMS Audio Production. Every year, the International Music Summit hosts its closing party up at the UNESCO world heritage site of Dalt Vila above the old town. The IMS Dalt Vila finale is a one-of-a-kind, open-air event that unites the electronic music industry and its fans for a night of incredible music. The Shop Productions are responsible for designing, installing and managing all the audio production and, as you can imagine, getting it right in an open air arena is no mean feat.

Creating the perfect audio production within the castle walls whilst keeping the neighbours happy is always a challenge.

Making audio production at International Music Summit great | The Shop Productions

IMS deploys the d&b audiotechnik J series, which is a large format 3-way line array loudspeaker. With transparent, detailed audio performance, extraordinarily smooth and even frequency response, dynamic bandwidth, as well as high power and headroom capability, this touring industry standard line array system is suitable for any style, genre or event size.

Making audio production at International Music Summit great | The Shop Productions

Working closely with local government and UNESCO, we invested a lot of time into the acoustic study of the event using ArrayCalc from d&b audiotechnik to help visualise the acoustic impact of the event in this unique location.

IMS with d&b audiotechnik managed to control the audio production with a result in 95% less complaints compared to previous years with other audio products. 

IMS hopes to work with d&b audiotechnik in the future to present their development of futuristic soundscape opportunities in the creative field and for technical support to maximise the customer experience at IMS, whilst respecting the environment issues.

Making audio production at International Music Summit great | The Shop Productions

IMS Audio Production in Dalt Vila | The Shop Productions

Perfecting Audio Production at IMS Dalt Vila: A Symphony of Sound and Innovation When it comes to the art of audio production in an outdoor arena, set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of the UNESCO Site of Dalt Vila in Ibiza, there’s one team that takes the stage with unwavering dedication—the talented crew at The Shop Productions. Each year, they embark on a journey to perfect the audio experience for the annual International Music Summit (IMS), and they approach this mission with the seriousness it deserves. The Epic Stage of IMS Dalt Vila Picture this: the sun sets over the old town of Ibiza, casting a warm glow over the ancient walls of Dalt Vila, a UNESCO world heritage site. A sense of anticipation fills the air as electronic music enthusiasts from around the globe gather for the IMS Dalt Vila finale. This open-air extravaganza unites the electronic music industry and its fervent fans for a night of unforgettable beats and melodies. And at the heart of it all is The Shop Productions, entrusted with the task of designing, installing, and managing the audio production for this monumental event. The Challenge of Outdoor Audio Delivering flawless audio in an outdoor arena is no small feat. Unlike the controlled environment of indoor venues, outdoor settings present unique challenges. The goal is clear: create the perfect audio production that resonates within the historic castle walls of Dalt Vila while keeping the neighboring residents undisturbed. It’s a delicate balance between artistry and engineering, and The Shop Productions embraces this challenge year after year. A Symphony of Sound: The d&b audiotechnik J Series To achieve this auditory masterpiece, IMS turns to the d&b audiotechnik J series, a formidable large format 3-way line array loudspeaker. This choice is not arbitrary; it’s a testament to the pursuit of sonic excellence. The d&b audiotechnik J series boasts transparent, detailed audio performance that captures every nuance of the music. Its extraordinarily smooth and even frequency response ensures that no note is left unheard. With dynamic bandwidth and the capacity for high power and headroom, it’s a touring industry standard that can adapt to any musical style, genre, or event size. Precision Planning: Working with UNESCO Perfecting audio production at Dalt Vila requires more than top-tier equipment; it demands meticulous planning and collaboration. The Shop Productions works closely with local government authorities and UNESCO to ensure that the event harmonizes with its unique surroundings. An extensive acoustic study is conducted, leveraging cutting-edge tools like ArrayCalc from d&b audiotechnik. This advanced software allows them to visualize the acoustic impact of the event, ensuring that the sound remains contained within the castle walls. A Quieter Revolution: Reducing Complaints The results of these efforts are nothing short of remarkable. IMS, in partnership with d&b audiotechnik and The Shop Productions, has achieved a significant milestone—95% fewer noise complaints compared to previous years when different audio products were used. This accomplishment reflects a commitment to not only delivering exceptional sound quality but also respecting the peace and tranquility of the surrounding community. A Harmonious Future: Innovative Soundscapes Looking ahead, IMS envisions a future where they continue to push the boundaries of sound. Collaborating with d&b audiotechnik opens up exciting possibilities for developing futuristic soundscapes in the creative field. The partnership isn’t just about cutting-edge audio; it’s also about enhancing the overall customer experience at IMS events while maintaining a deep commitment to environmental responsibility. In conclusion, the annual IMS Dalt Vila event is more than a music festival; it’s a testament to the artistry of audio production. The Shop Productions, d&b audiotechnik, and IMS have proven that perfecting the audio experience is not just an aspiration—it’s a reality born from dedication, innovation, and a profound respect for both the music and the environment. As they continue their sonic journey, we can’t help but anticipate the breathtaking symphonies they’ll create in the years to come.