Enchanted Forest Party



- 360° production
- Technical production
- Event management
- Decoration
- Special effects
- Event crew
- Logistics

For three consecutive years, a private client has enlisted The Shop to produce an exclusive Burning Man-style party for hundreds of guests. The intimate, high-end private music festival is set outside by day and in a jaw-dropping house of wonders by night, where party-goers explore rooms filled with water-screen projections, laser labyrinths and CO2 special effects. We secure the services of leading international DJs to perform throughout the whole day and night and the event has quickly earned a reputation as one of the island’s most desirable parties.
At what is a notoriously inaccessible site, we take care of everything the event requires to run seamlessly, including technical production, event management, decoration, catering, providing crew and events staff, food and beverage stands, transport and even a working market where guests can buy clothes and other merchandise. The feedback from those who have attended the events has been universally positive and reflects the high standard and attention to detail that characterises our service.